About licencing in illustration

= licence, in short, is an agreement between the illustrator and their client. Within the agreement, they define how both parties can use specific illustrations. It’s kind of like renting a piece of artwork for specific usage. The artist can usually keep their copyright and the client only pays for the actual usage and not full copyright!

NOTE: you usually dont’t need a licence for private commissions such as gift.


USAGE How is the artwork used? ( brocheries for marketing, printed product to sell,…. )

DURATION How long does the artwork need to be used for? ( short marketing campaign, a year long print run,…?)

CLIENT Size of the market / geography? ( small local company, big international company,…? )

EXLUSIVITY do you want to be the only one who has the rights to the illustrations, or can the illustrator re-sell their work immediately / after a duration? 


Prices for a licence can vary a lot depending on the client and their needs. For marketing usage, I usually start from 20 % of the work fee. For commercial use, I usually start from 50 % of the work fee. 

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