How much does it cost?


Prices in this kind of work vary a lot for each project but I can give a general idea of my prices. I am usually more than happy to give you a fixed quote / price range for my work!

My hourly rate is 50 e / h + tax 24 % which covers my working hours / work fee. For non-personal uses, I shall also ask a licence fee based on the usage of my work. 

For multiple pieces of illustrations, we can lower the price per piece.


Let’s say one simple illustration takes me three hours to make

= 150 euros + tax 24 % = 186 euros in work fees.

Then we add a licence fee:

for small marketing usage, it could be 37,5 euros ( +25 % of the work fee ) = total of 223,50 euros 

for a magazine with one time print + some marketing it could be 75 euros ( + 50 % of the work fee ) = total of 261 euros

for commercial use such as a print for t-shirt it could be anything starting from 75 euros and upwards based on many factors such as amount of products

NOTE: just reach out and ask for a quote for your project – I won’t bite!

As I am still studying service design, I am pretty much open to offers ( you can even decide a suitable amount after consultation! ). Just want to get some practise for now – whether its help with your business plan, client segmentation, personal branding, creating better services – tell me more about your issues and I will get right back at you! Targeted mostly to smaller businesses / businesses starting out.

Most familiar with the following fields: fashion, handicrafts, arts & graphic design. 

+ hobbies include gaming and music

+ former farm girl also has basic understanding of agriculture

+ work experience in sales / client service

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