How does it work?


CONTACT me preferably via email and tell me a bit about your project ( amount of illustrations, schedule, usage, style,.. ). I will ask for more info if necessary and with enough information, I can give you a fixed quote or a price range for the project. We can also organize a video call to go through the details and I can sign an NDA if necessary.

AGREEMENT once we have agreed on the project, we shall do an agreement. I can either draft a simple one or you can provide one. We shall also include licence information and payment into this agreement. Written agreement is usually not necessary for small and more personal projects. 

WORK I start working as promised, and you can be involved as much as you like from letting me work completely independent to working together in a team. Most commonly, however, we do a few rounds of comments. 

DELIVERY before sending you the final files, we shall check everything looks okay. I can share you the files via email, cloud storage or some other way. I can also advice on the use of my work ( different file formats, sizes,… ).

PAYMENT for smaller projects, it’s usually okay if you do the payment in full before delivery but not before having seen the finished work. For bigger projects, I like to discuss partial payments. I currently use direct bank transfers and Paypal for payment methods.