Henna -94 / Pieksämäki, Finland

Having grown up at a farm, I didn’t have that much to do with fashion and arts. Seeing Project Runway, however, made me obsessed and I started dreaming of a career in fashion.

As my original goal was to become a fashion designer, I studied enough arts, handicrafts and sewing to design and make clothes. Ended up changing directions and studying a bit of graphic design before starting my illustration business in 2021. After a year in the business, I decided to get back to school to finish up my bachelors degree in culture and arts. 

Outside of my creative work, I enjoy time outdoors, doing some photography and playing games on my PC. Also renovating our 50s house and trying to live a more sustainable life by second hand shopping and getting as much of our food directly from the nature close-by as possible.


2022 – 2023     Service design, Savonia university

2019 – 2020     Photoartisan in graphic design, Ingmanedu

2015 – 2017      Fashion design, Savonia university

2014 – 2015      Fashion studies, VNF

2010 – 2013      Artisan in handicrafts and arts, YSAO     


Spring / Summer 2023 – internship at art event Taidekatu

Feb 2021 –         Entrepreneur at Illustrator Henna

Fall 2020           Graphic design internship at Räikee Oy

Year 2018           Saleswork at Opteam Oy

Summer 2017      Internship with exhibitions at Jukka Rintala Oy


lLLUSTRATION AND ART, photo composition, color theory, drawing from perception,…

ADOBE Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and Indesign

FASHION DESIGN, pattern making and sewing

Basics of service design, marketing, saleswork and personal branding

+ can make stupid songs out of everything