Freelance illustrator from rural Finland. Loves vintage fashion and dogs.


I am just your average illustrator who specializes in fashion due to her earlier studies, and gets inspired by nature and everyday occurrences.

Illustration has not been my career choice for a long time. Chasing after a lovely childhood dream, I first graduated as an artisan ( handicrafts and arts ) and did a variation of fashion studies in both university and folk high school. After quitting with fashion, I worked in sales for a bit before my graphic design studies. Currently continuing my design studies at university and hoping to focus more on the service design needs in the field of fashion. 

As a very easy-going but also very ambitious person, I am a goof with serious approach to my work. I am constantly trying to learn something new from honing my drawing skills to studying about illustration, marketing and branding. I speak Finnish, English and Swedish and a bit of Japanese.

I can also spew lame jokes and make bad songs out of everything.

For my leisure time, I enjoy both outdoor adventures with my dog and indoor adventures safely on my PC. Relaxing with some handicrafts every now and then while binge-watching all sorts of videos on YouTube.