I work mostly with fashion from more artsy editorial pieces to technical flat drawings. I can also work on some other topics – feel free to check my work-page and ask for extra work samples if necessary.

My work can be used for commercial and marketing use, for both digital and print.


I mostly do some small jobs often paired with my art such as logos, business cards or posters, but I have done two simple book layouts as well. Also interested in pattern design.

I will be happy to advice you on different file formats etc as part of the service.


My pricing is based on 50 e / h ( + tax 24 % ) + lisence fees

Here are some pricing samples which work as a guideline for us both to help me with pricing + giving you a better idea of the price. I priced these packages based on an average illustration style with not too much details ( your work could include one character + simple background for example ) similar to the ones I post on my IG.

These packages are priced based on your business size, as with bigger businesses there is often more work + they require a bigger lisence. 

XS = 1 – 9 employees / S = 10 – 49 employees / M = 50 – 249 / L = 250 – 500

If your business has above 500 employees or you feel like this rating is not accurate for you, please reach out and let’s figure it out!