My main services are currently within illustration and some basic graphic design. I am, however, currently studying design in university ( started out in fashion, finishing up with service design ) and would love to know if I could help you with a project as well!

If you have general questions about my services, costs and such, check out this FAQ-section and feel free to reach out with more questions!

FOR ILLUSTRATION, I work mostly with fashion from more artsy editorial pieces to technical flat drawings. I would love to challenge myself with new topics, however – let me know if you like my style and I can make you some quick work samples! You can use my work in many ways such as personal gift, marketing on social media or even commercial products.

FOR GRAPHIC DESIGN, I do some small jobs such as logos, business cards or posters. I have also done two simple book layouts and love to design patterns. Would love to offer graphic design together with an illustration!

FOR BUSINESS ADVICE: still studying service design but learn the best with practise. Would love to consult maybe with your business plan, client segmentation / understanding, creating better services, personal branding / social media etc… Especially targeted for small businesses / businesses just starting out.